Although the Neapolitan Mastiff puppy is by far the cutest puppy in the world, an
    impulse buy would be disastrous.  They are a little understood breed.  They need
    educated owners to love and care for them.  They like to be with their owners at
    almost all times.  They also  need an open-minded educated vet who is flexible and likes
    to learn.  I would not recommend this breed for a first time dog owner.  They can be
    very dominant and stubborn.

    A first source of research would be to visit as many club and breeder sites possible on
    the internet and READ TO LEARN... don't just look at the pictures.  
    Go to our LINKS Page to find more info and to to the INFO LINKS

    Another great starting source is the book "The Neapolitan Mastiff" by Dr. Sherilyn Allen,
    DVM.  It can be acquired through auction on the internet or sometimes by ordering it
    through Amazon if they have copies.  Unfortunately it's become very expensive and
    hard to find.

    Call and talk to as many breeders as possible and start establishing relationships you
    are comfortable with.   Expect to prove yourself.

    Do not buy from a puppy mill or pet shop.  When buying from a pet shop (who
    usually buy from puppy mills as no ethical breeder I know would sell to one), you will
    never have the useful mentorship from a breeder.  In most cases, the puppy mill or
    pet shop will not guarantee or replace the puppy if there is a genetic problem.   
    Neapolitan Mastiffs can have many health problems.  If you buy from an ethical
    breeder, they will be there for you when you need help.  Do not buy from a pet shop
    for any breed as they condone puppy millers and the exploitation of female dogs,
    continuously breeding them for their own gain, regardless of health or genetic

    Educate yourself on ALL the health problems a Neapolitan Mastiff may experience.

    Expect to pay from $1500 to $4500 plus shipping for a purebred Pet or
    Show/Breed  AKC Registered Neapolitan Mastiff puppy.  Be sure to purchase
    an AKC or FCI (NOT FIC) or Canadian Kennel Club - CKC (NOT Continental) registered
    puppy to assure that it is TRULY a pure-bred Neapolitan Mastiff.  Expect that supplies,
    dog food, crates, supplements, hospitalization and/or emergency care will all be higher
    because you have a giant breed and everything costs more because of the size or
    quantity.   Even if you buy pet insurance, the premiums are usually based on size and

    Did I mention a large, cleanable vehicle?

    Watch the movie "Turner and Hootch".  Although the star dog is a Dogue
    d'Bordeaux, the drool and destruction could be similiar.

    Crate training is especially important.... but do not leave your puppy in a crate for
    longer than it can hold it's pee!  Frequent trips outside, especially after playing, eating
    or sleeping.  Overnight is the exception.  Potty training a Neo puppy can take up to
    four-six months.  If you work full time, think about a different breed or an older dog.  
    It's not fair to leave a puppy in a crate all day.  If you can't get home at lunch time,
    hire someone to do it for you.  Work together as a team to let the dog out when you
    have a significant other and you both work.  Trying to leave the puppy in a crate all
    day will turn them into a Separation Anxiety case.  They will try to get out and/or
    destroy the crate or the house.  A Neo has been bred for thousands of years to be
    WITH their owner.  It's their job.  
    Expect to spend more time socializing your neo than YOU spend time socializing
    yourself!  Training through formal puppy and obedience classes can run about $50 -
    $120 for a 6-8 weeks course but becomes INVALUABLE later.

    Repeating these classes frequently is a good idea as it reinforces your control,
    establishes that you're the boss, socializes your neo with other breeds of dogs
    (and people), and builds a firm relationship to fall back on when this dog goes through
    any rebellious stages.  Watch Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer", on TV.

    Try to acquaint your puppy with as many situations as possible.  Vet visits, nail
    trimming, cleaning their face and ears, administering eye drops, groomers, CHILDREN,
    teenagers, mailmen, people with hats, ladies with funny, high voices, handicapped
    people, I could go on and on.  The Neapolitan Mastiff has a guard dog mentality.  It is
    their job to notice and inform you of anything different or unusual.  Sometimes it
    frightens them or puts them on guard.  They need you to desensitize them of these
    fears.  It is also your responsibility.  You are the PACK LEADER.
    Note:   It is my policy to accomodate buyers, but the choice, responsibility, cost, and
    risk of earcropping is the buyer's. If you choose earcropping, I will do my best to
    recommend the vet to do it.
What we
Health Guarantee
Terms available
(making payments)
Contracts to protect the
Buyer and Breeder
Prices start at $2400 For
Show/Breeding Potential
Buyer pays shipping
    All puppies will receive the best health care available from
    BEFORE they are born til they arrive in your home.  That
    includes vet check-ups, microchip, shots, deworming,
    nutrition, socialization and LOVE!

    If you live in the Midwest - we can sometimes meet you half-way to deliver
    your puppy.  Otherwise we can ship your puppy through an airline that
    provides non-stop service only.  The cost depends on where you live.  It
    can cost from $225 to $375 for a puppy that weighs about 35 pounds or

    We will also offer "discounts" to people who live within Minnesota, Wisconsin,
    Iowa or Illinois and want to show their puppy/dog.  


    Because it's to my advantage to have as many puppies possible to stay in
    this area. Then I'll have a better opportunity to watch the puppies grow and
    to evaluate my own breeding.

    I will also be thrilled if I can help anyone bring in a dog here to Minnesota  
    from another breeder.  The more the merrier, and someday I may ask to
    breed to your male or buy a puppy from you to expand our genetic

    We reward $150 back to anyone who has bought a puppy from us with the
    "RuneStone" name that has "finished" their dog as an AKC Champion of
    Conformation. (AKC Champion)
PLEASE READ this entire page before buying a Neapolitan Mastiff
from RuneStone or anyone else:
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